MFT Security was founded in Ottawa in 2004. Research for a business opportunity at he time indicated a high demand for security , networking and any type of low voltage installations services.

Advancements in technology have helped to reduce the size and cost of security cameras, making surveillance systems more affordable and accessible.

Multiple components are connected to Networks these days and higher requirements for speed and enhanced network traffic is the demand in today's computerized world.

My clients like to connect to the internet to see the status of their alarm system, get notifications and like to view cameras of home and business , you wish to control a remote sites and set access levels, all these features can be seamlessly integrated.

With over 14 years in the industry and contract work for industry leaders, I have gained knowledge and experience with various security products.

My experience and analysis of your business needs will result in a proper design and quality installation ,my goal is to provide your organization with a secure environment and meeting your budget based on your needs.

From the simplest alarm system to a complex IP camera server environment with access control integration I can help you , I have worked on multiple systems for my clients .



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